Pass It On is a community project with a focus on sharing smiles and inspiration while helping New Zealand charities. The story of each card is up to you, where they go and who they inspire is unknown, you give them wings. I currently work with three great New Zealand charities to promote awareness about issues that are important to us. Thank you for becoming a part of it, read on to discover all about Pass It On!


Pass It On creates a platform for others to connect with one another and create a more positive community, how cool is that?!



these cards love to be shared with friends, family or strangers alike. Perfect for quick motivation in your wallet or on your desk.



the feeling you get when you share a positive message with others is amazing, become a part of it and see where your cards go.

What We Do

what we do

The heart of this project is to make people smile. Through visual typography-style works of art, I create living art pieces that take on a life and adventure of their own as they pass from person to person. I want to make people feel good, feel inspired and help them to pass that feeling on to others.

I share messages that transcend barriers between us such as age, race, religion, sexuality or political stance. Bringing people together over a shared cause that helps so many is all I am passionate about, I think you’ll like that too!

I work closely with various charities I support and create stunning cards to represent what they believe in and stand for. Pass It On donates $1.00 from every pack of cards sold to New Zealand charities, extending the positive influence these cards and this project has.

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Tom Currie

about me

Kia ora, my name is Tom, and if there is one thing that makes me feel successful in life, it’s making people smile. It is my wish that through these cards we can bring smiles to wonderful Kiwis all over New Zealand!

After running a Facebook page dedicated to brightening other’s days with similar typography style images, I had the vision to create a tangible, interactive form of the art which I believe can be a lot more meaningful!

I like to keep it simple here at Pass It On and I am more than happy to answer any questions you have, or tell you more about the project. Please get in touch!